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The Depot's History

It was October 20, 1903 when the citizens of Port Hope and the surrounding community gathered at the newly laid railroad tracks for an enthusiastic celebration as the first train arrived in Port Hope. It was a special welcome for both passengers and farmers for now there were connections to major cities and markets. Through efforts of the Port Hope Businessman’s Association, the Croswell Sugar Company and local individuals, the Flint and Pere Marquette Railroad was convinced that it would be profitable to extend its line to Port Hope from Harbor Beach.

the Pere Marquette engine, Port Hope - 1906

The tracks were laid, and passenger and freight service started in October 1903.

In 1904 a depot was built in Port Hope and a station manager employed. The company decided a few years later that Port Hope was going to be the end of the line up the shore so an engine house, turn around and water tower were built to service the engines.

the Pere Marquette railroad station, Port Hope Michigan - 2017

The depot was purchased by a local citizen but the land was still owned by the C&O until it was purchased by a local business. The building has been used briefly by a silk screening business, as a museum and as a general storage building. It was resold in the 1970s to a new owner whose vision was to restore it as a heritage and community center.